The Space Formerly Known as Door

So, we had our summer holiday on the country estate, it was so nice to actually have the time to start and finish something.


Apparently the last owner didn’t want to walk all the way from the bedroom to the porch to get wood for the stove, so he put in a door. The problems with this idea were, it as an interior hollow door which did not seal well and had bathroom door latches on the inside to lock it.


A trip to the hardware store and we were off. DeAun is such a perfectionist, that section of the house is probably sturdier than everything else.


Not bad for a couple of weekend warriors.

While DeAun was busy measuring twice and cutting once, I got busy painting the bedroom. It really needed to be done to reclaim our space after the robbery.

This is the bedroom when we bought the property


And now. I must say I’m very pleased with the way it turned.

Once my quilt is finished I need to come up with a quilted wall hanging to cover the electrical box by the window.


All in all, a pretty great holiday. That’s all for now.



The front room light switch

The front room light switch

After :-))

After :-))

Despite the overwhelming task at hand, sometimes you have to get your satisfaction from the little things.

Our temporary bedroom

Our temporary bedroom

We scrubbed the floor three times, enough to be willing to put our camping bed up to sleep. The only problem being that if you look where the wall meets the floor, you can see the ground and leaves under the house. About half an inch wide, just enough for a FREEZING breeze to swoop up and around, and envelope us in bed. Maybe next time we’ll clean up the dining room and sleep in there. No huge gaps for the wind. Thank goodness we had central heating, although it had a major struggle battling all the outside air coming in.

Poor little Sophie had to be wrapped in two blankets to be able to handle it.