National Geographic

Sitting on the front porch eating our dinner there was a howl coming from the woods to the right of us. A couple of seconds after it stopped, two or three howls further back and to the left. They seemed to be talking to each other, then all of a sudden at least three or four distinct voices started howling in a frenzy. As suddenly as it started……dead silence. This happened two or three times. The neighbor told me there are lots of coyotes out here, so I’m assuming that’s what it was, but DeAun said she thinks they are solitary, therefore wouldn’t have been hunting in a pack. Either way, it was so cool, like living in a national geographic program. DeAun is still working on the insulation for the pump house, it’s going to be the best insulated well pump in the county, just in time for spring and the warm weather…. The front room is almost clean. Only one more small wall to scrub the dirt and nicotine off.

I'd forgotten how dirty the rest of the house was. Now begins the bedroom saga

I’d forgotten how dirty the rest of the house was. Now begins the bedroom saga

Next will be the bedroom. If I can just get it clean enough for us to put our blow up mattress for a couple of visits, I am going to pay a handyman to replace the ceiling in the living room. There are lots of walls that need sheet rocking and I’m hoping to learn enough through a combination of watching him and u-tube videos, that we can do the walls ourselves. If we do a somewhat textured finish it should be ok. Maybe. This is so much fun, I wish we could afford to be here full time. I know the place is a mess, but i can almost feel the possibilities blossoming. Today we decided that when we tear down the cage they kept the dogs in, we’ll keep the cement slab, spiff it up a bit and turn it into a little eating area with table chairs and maybe some kind of roof so the birds in the tree don’t garnish our dinner. Possibilities abound. This is the life. Sophie relaxing in the sunDeAun cutting insulation for the well house A new find. There’s a picnic table under their. If the metal hasn’t rusted, maybe we can put new wood on it. IMG_1279 That’s all the fun for the latest trip. Can’t wait to go back.