It finally dried out

The torrential rain has finally slowed down enough for us to venture back to our beloved Trenoweth.

After the trees were blown down in a storm, we have plenty of wood for the new chipper so we can make paths. My next chip projects will include around the house where is gets VERY muddy, and one stretch of the walk to the pond where the wild pigs tore up the ground rooting for whatever they root for. If my sisters ever come up to visit, it would be nice if they didn’t break their ankles just walking to the pond.

IMG_0183 IMG_0190 IMG_2544

We did take time to smell (and photograph) some new flowers

IMG_0367 IMG_0374 IMG_0375

A fun time was had by all, including Sophie and our present foster Hegen

IMG_0378 IMG_0389


Short, sweet and very muddy

Had to post yet another picture of our lovely pond

I wish either it was warm enough to swim, or I was tough enough

I wish either it was warm enough to swim, or I was tough enough

It feels like forever since we’ve been to Trenoweth. Some good news is that our neighbor told us the county will put in the new culverts if we buy them………we will see.

Thanks to the local wild pigs our pasture is even more torn up :-(

Thanks to the local wild pigs our pasture is even more torn up 😦

We set about country chores i.e. chainsawing the trees around the well house with brief breaks to walk in the woods and check out nature

IMG_0107 IMG_0108 IMG_0124

Then it was time to cook dinner on the camping stove before bed


It was a bit nippy. Sophie is under there

It was a bit nippy. Sophie is under there

That’s all for now, we had to dash back once the rain started to make sure we didn’t get stuck in the pasture

It’s been too long

Finally there were enough days without rain that we were able to go to Trenoweth. Having still not figured out what to do about the 5 foot deep hole in the middle of the driveway, we’re having to drive in the servants entrance which takes you through the pasture. When there’s a lot of rain it turns into a mud bath. The thought of getting stuck put us off.

I was a little nervous wondering what had happened in the past 5 or 6 weeks, had rats invaded and chewed up all our furniture to make warm cozy beds, or had cockroaches and scorpions made it their home.

Thank goodness none of the above. All was as we had left it. We had seen rodent activity under the kitchen sink, but it seems the peppermint smelling rodent repellent actually works. Who would’ve thought rats don’t like peppermint.

Henry found a nice soft headrest for the trip

Henry found a nice soft headrest for the trip

When we arrived the flowers were starting to bloom

IMG_0094 IMG_0095

DeAun set about cutting the hardiboard which hopefully the rodents will not be able to chew through under the sink

My rocket scientist hard at work

My rocket scientist hard at work

While I worked on cleaning up the guest bedroom. It even has a built in ironing board and sleeve board with inset plug and shelf for the iron. I wonder who the original owners of the house were?

Not that we need to iron anything when we're there,

Not that we need to iron anything when we’re there.

That’s all for now, pretty mellow visit, but a wonderful weekend.

Some cool photos

Our friend Gabriella is a professional photographer, she sent me a copy of the photos she took on our last visit, thought you might enjoy them.

First some cool plants and mushrooms.

IMG_6588 IMG_6454IMG_6391 IMG_6404 IMG_6438 IMG_6658

Then a few of the activities of the weekend. Upon arrival, Quin immediately started knocking down the awful cage they raised the dogs in, and then we all went traipsing around, putting in T post boundary markers.

IMG_6278 IMG_6419

Gabriella and I chopped down trees and plants starting our path around Trenoweth


Sophie and our foster Hart helped

IMG_6310 IMG_6335

Here are a couple of miscellaneous shots of Trenoweth.

IMG_6526 IMG_6579 IMG_6624

The wonderful day was ended with us sitting around the fire, enjoying each others company

IMG_6272 IMG_6284IMG_6499IMG_6496

And here’s our wonderful photographer Gabriella


Thanks for a great weekend you two and I am working on getting our guest room cleaned up for your next visit

Is it a bird, is it a plane? NO…….

This is what greeted us

This is what greeted us

It’s the biggest sinkhole We’ve ever seen.

This is what greeted us about 1/3 of the way along the driveway to our house. It is so big that there is only room to walk single file beside it.


Luckily there is also room for a person and wheelbarrow since we had decided to build a fire pit for which we had 12 very heavy cinder blocks and a bag of gravel. We also had two dining chairs and an armchair, I should’ve taken a photo of the armchair on the wheelbarrow, but was a little too stressed to even think of it.
Our very friendly neighbor said he’d come over with his tractor and push some dirt in it……..then he saw it and said it is WAY beyond his capabilities.
They do seem to think there’s slim chance that the county might fix it since they resurfaced the road that runs parallel, but didn’t dig the ditches out. Here’s praying.
We finally got everything up to the house and our friends Gabriella and Quin arrived. Luckily they didn’t have cinder blocks in there car.

Despite the start, we had a wonderful few days, Quin jumped right into knocking the dog house down and Gabriella and I arranged the cinder blocks and chopped wood for the fire.
A wonderful evening was had sitting around the fire, looking at the stars and just enjoying good company.
Saturday we all set to clearing the dam around the pond so we have another path to the house. I think it should work well enough until we get the sink hole fixed. As long as it doesn’t rain so much that the pasture becomes a mud bath.
Sophie and our new foster dog had a blast,
his name is Hart, shortened to Art, then Artie.


They had a good time. “I guess I’ll go for a walk, then find something to pee on, then a nap. Wake up, stretch, go for a walk, find something to pee on etc. ect. ” It’s a dogs life.

The diamond is appearing from the rough

We had quite a few weeks of activity at Trenoweth. First there was me up there doing last minute sprucing up, arranging of furniture and hanging of the semi-home made curtains (I sewed on the stripes). I am actually quite proud of the way it turned out. What a difference from when we bought it.

master bedroom

master bedroom, DeAun doesn’t like the color of the floor, what do you think?


First my dad and aunt Lyn came to visit, we had our first dinner guests. We still haven’t installed the oven, that is going to wait until the wiring is redone, but the barbeque works wonderfully.

IMG_1923 IMG_1924

Then, Lyn had so much fun that she had to come back. This time I put her to work. She did a great job painting the inside of one of the kitchen cupboards, then………..the “Brush Cutting Monster” was released.

The filter was supposed to be on her face :-)

The filter was supposed to be on her face 🙂

Showing off the results of her hard work. Or as she call it "bush crunching"

Showing off the results of her hard work. Or as she call it “bush crunching”

Starting the day on the porch, listening to the birds.

Starting the day on the porch, listening to the birds.

All in all, a wonderful visit.

The wonders of the deep.

Ok, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but we finally remembered to take a scuba diving mask to look around in the pond. The water is so crystal clear that you can even see twigs on the bottom. One thing I found was what appears to be a wall. It looks like paving stones which end in a big drop. Maybe this was the original spring before they built the dam to hold the rain water and make it bigger, maybe that is where they used to sit and enjoy the spring. I plan buying a throw away underwater camera to try and take some snaps next time. Also, hopefully a couple of snorkels.

Took Daphne, our foster dog, she was so good, staying with us and just hanging out. I’m not really sad that the potential adopter hasn’t contacted Friends for Life since the last cancelled meet and greet. She is adorable.

The bedroom floor is now finished, now to paint the ceiling. Should have done it the other way round….

DeAun attempted to hang a light and ceiling fan in the kitchen, but with all the shelves and shelves of tools and “fix it stuff” we didn’t have any electrical tape.Hopefully next trip.

Our path into the pond

Our path into the pond


Sophie and Daphne hanging out