Paradise lost…actually STOLEN

Even though we both thought it was inevitable, it still is a horrible feeling when you realize someone has been in you house and just taken whatever they want.


The bedroom was trashed, beds stolen, all the cupboards and draws dumped on the floor.

The b*&%#$@ even stole my dresser that I spent months painting


They took our brush cutter and wood chipper (the chipper my lovely sister bought me).

I have to admit that even though they are just possessions, I did get a little weepy. Luckily our wonderful neighbors came right over with sympathy and a mini fridge for us to borrow (yes, they took our fridge too). Dennis helped fix the door frame while Cindy and Kailen helped me keep it together.

The police arrived quite quickly and he was very nice and took all our information, though I think we’ll never see our stuff again.  Then it was time to tidy up the mess and dig out the blow up mattress to sleep on.

Sad day for Trenoweth.



Trenoweth Easter Bunnies

There we were, just enjoying the country when, out of the corner of my eye I could see Mandy (our foster dog) trotting along with something in her mouth. Assuming it was something rotten that she was going to roll over on and stink up the house, I dashed over to get it off her. Surprise surprise it was a bunny, alive, with not a mark on her.


I found a bucket to put it in while I decided what to do next, when off she trots with something else in her mouth,bunny number two.


Now we have cell service I was able to look on the internet to find out that rabbits dig a shallow hole in an open area, where predators don’t like to go. They drop them in, cover them with grass and hair, and usually visit in the morning and evenings to feed the babies.

It took a bit of searching, but I found the spot.


We needed to keep the babies safe till their mum could come and get them. Luckily we still had a part of the chicken coop which we were able to roll over and place around the den. Then we put the babies back and left them alone. I hid in the guest bedroom where I had a good view of the cage, and waited for hours. I never did see the mum, but the kids were long gone in the morning.


Trashy Lumberjacks

Finally the weather was nice enough to do some work outside.

We loaded up the truck with pieces of the tree that fell down in the last major storm. I bet we’ll have some sore muscles tomorrow.


These are the borders for the future raised beds where we are going to start our future orchard. First will be the two pear trees that we’ve been babying in pots on our patio in Houston.


Stand by for the orchard update.

On a less pleasant note, although we’ve been cleaning for two years, there is still a lot of junk outside. Apparently it is quite common to just make piles of trash and set fire to it. Even though a lot of the contents of said pile are not flammable.

This pile is the biggest, even came with a computer monitor and keyboard and a toilet.



Hopefully most of it can be recycled. It’s a big job, but a little at a time we’ll get it all.

On a stroll to the pond, we did see a USO. Unidentified sunken object. Once the pond warms up we’ll go for a swim and see what it is.


That’s all for now.

How to freeze and thaw a mouse

We have recently been having some uninvited little guests at Trenoweth. The first couple were field mice, so cute. We trapped them in our live trap and took them off a couple of miles so they could find a new home.

This worked well until the weather got cold. Even though the instruction said no bait was needed, I thought it would be just too mean to not even give them a snack for the inconvenience.

It didn’t take long to trap one


It was just too cold and rainy to drive off into the wilderness to re-home her, she needed to stay the night.

I decided to put the trap on a folded rug, with a cloth on the top so she didn’t get scared when we entered the room and put the light on. I thought she’d be quite cozy.


Unfortunately I didn’t think about the fact that the metal gets really cold. In the morning I picked the trap up to take her on her outing and thought she was dead. When I turned the trap on it’s side, she just rolled over. It was then that I noticed how cold the metal was and realized she must have hypothermia.

Time for action….


I tucked her in the towel and held her little body against me. Her breathing was very shallow and slow, but eventually she perked up and started twitching. Poor thing, she was just a baby.


Finally she had her freedom again. She was fairly lethargic, so my idea was to bring her home, get her a cage and wheel and let her be a part of our family. DeAun was not impressed with that idea, so I left her somewhat sheltered by a fence, but in the sunshine.

The other news was that we had our first fire in the bedroom. Wonderful, though a little smoky.


That’s all from the country for now folks. Stay warm.

Death to the chicken coops


So….. while having our morning coffee, this has been one of our views of the “garden”. Not very relaxing to look at and one of the many things on our “to do” list.

Luckily for us our friends Gabby and Quin came for the weekend, and love getting into projects. Soon after the oatmeal fortification, the deconstruction began.

IMG_0588 IMG_0589

All the hard work paid off in multiple buckets of well seasoned chicken poop for the garden and just leaves one old coop frame for our neighbors to pick up. No idea what they’re doing with all this stuff, but very handy for us.


Here’s our early a nice view.

Then, off to the pond.

IMG_0601 IMG_0594

We  had what was probably going to be the last swim of the year. The water is lower than we’ve ever seen it, and getting in was a little ungraceful, thanks to the muddy bank where probably deer have been drinking.

Not much exciting news, just our country life plodding along

Our summer holiday

Now, this is a little late since I think we both thought the other one had posted. We had a wonderful week even though we only managed about half of our planned projects.

This was DeAuns main project, removing a straggly junk tree that was crowding out our lovely crepe myrtle. We chipped some of the branches to make a mulch border.

First cut is the deepest

First cut is the deepest

Phew! Just ,missed the house.

Phew! Just ,missed the house.

How pretty

How pretty

DeAuns work head gear. How cute

DeAuns work head gear. How cute

Of course I was slaving away, trying out my birthday presentIMG_0459

Our neighbors came over to help us with the cleaning out the falling down barn project. Under a bunch of miscellaneous stuff we found a stack of roof tiles, probably enough to do the house.

free tiles :-)

free tiles 🙂

I did get some work though, preparing our guest bedroom.





All it needs is a bed.

What a wonderful week.

Getting ready for our holiday

After much thought about where we’d like to go for our summer holiday and the moment of realization that all the photos of beautiful places I’d like to go had lovely countryside and rivers or lakes, Trenoweth was the obvious choice. This weekend we had a quick trip basically to decide which projects we want to tackle and what supplies we will need. Last week in June we’ll be up there for a week.

IMG_0407 IMG_0409

Lots of future wood chip paths to work on.

IMG_0397 IMG_0401 IMG_0403

The bottom one is wild honeysuckle, apparently considered a pest, but I love it.

That’s about all the news, looking forward to a whole week soon.