These little piggies (not quite)

So here is some evidence of the critters around our land. “ Oh how cute” we thought, “seeing evidence of the residents who are around when we are not is so cool” until………This used to be a lovely flat field area, now you have to watch your step. Some of the holes they dig can break an ankle if you step in them. I hate to admit it, but we asked our neighbors to ” help get rid of them”. Dennis put a couple of traps up and caught a massive hog which someone picked up. He won’t mind when he finds out he now has a job as a stud. Despite lots of research, we’ve not found any way to deter them. This was actually a few months ago and we don’t think they’ve been back. DeAun has been having a great time pruning out crepe myrtle. We are hoping that once it is cut back,it will have the energy to start flowering again.Just in case anyone is wondering, I wasn’t just the photographer, I was excavating metal abstract art from the ground.wonder what it was? That’s all for now folks.