Raindrops are falling on my head (or they would have if we’d been under the house).


So……I don’t think we are ever going to not empty the pipes in the winter because it’s “not supposed to freeze,”  and if there is ever an unexpected freeze not in the winter, we shall call the neighbors and beg them to empty our pipes.

At least now we know (or suspect) that we are capable of fixing leaks.

I did take time to enjoy some of natures art


And DeAun’s butt


Of course this one was taken last visit BEFORE we noticed the poison ivy growing under the house.

Now, my butt is the only one going under there since I’m either blessed or cursed with not reacting to the chemical in poison ivy.

It’s an interesting maze of pipes under here.


What should’ve been our moment of glory, we realized that on the LAST elbow we didn’t wait long enough for it to cure properly before we turned the water back on.  We were just too tired to do any more. Let’s try next weekend……..