Concrete and Dirt

It seems like forever since we’ve been here, what with having to work two weekends in a row and an outing with my sisters, it’s been about a month.

Time to start on the bathroom. The Formica was loose (and ugly), so I decided to try my hand at DIY. Of course that took LOTS of research since we needed something we could do and are concentrating on using eco friendly products only. Boy that was a tall order. Finally I settled on a faux stone using cement. Basically coating on multiple thin layers, sanding between each.

Next visit it will be time to seal it and see if it can really hold up to use. I love the industrial look, but now have to figure out how to paint the rest of it. If it still looks good after six months and if it still looks good, off to the kitchen with the cement box.

Our first attempt at growing blackberries here failed due to location. They really need full sun, so while chopping up a fallen tree behind the house, I decided it would be a great place to plant some.


A few limbs dragged over to create a bed for them, the other limbs we dragged to the side of the house to raise the raised bed even higher to plant our pair trees. ThenĀ  we added a truck load of earth, boy our muscles are sore now.

Blackberries are rather like weeds and will quickly overtake if not maintained. Hopefully I can somehow train them to grow in a row, better for picking.

Meanwhile DeAun drove into town for a truckload of earth. More chopped limbs were used to border the future pear tree beds then off to work we went. I must say, we’re both rather sore after all that.