The Space Formerly Known as Door

So, we had our summer holiday on the country estate, it was so nice to actually have the time to start and finish something.


Apparently the last owner didn’t want to walk all the way from the bedroom to the porch to get wood for the stove, so he put in a door. The problems with this idea were, it as an interior hollow door which did not seal well and had bathroom door latches on the inside to lock it.


A trip to the hardware store and we were off. DeAun is such a perfectionist, that section of the house is probably sturdier than everything else.


Not bad for a couple of weekend warriors.

While DeAun was busy measuring twice and cutting once, I got busy painting the bedroom. It really needed to be done to reclaim our space after the robbery.

This is the bedroom when we bought the property


And now. I must say I’m very pleased with the way it turned.

Once my quilt is finished I need to come up with a quilted wall hanging to cover the electrical box by the window.


All in all, a pretty great holiday. That’s all for now.


Bridge over troubled water Trenoweth style

Well, now we have most of our stuff back thanks to the wonderful Crockett sheriffs department we’re getting back into a routine.


Unfortunately we had another nasty surprise this visit.

When we leave we turn off all the power except for the dehumidifier. It works well, but not all the way to the bathroom so we started leaving the seat up to stop mildew from forming. There in the bowl was a dead mouse, I assume he fell in and couldn’t get out again. I fished him out (DeAun being far to sensitive for that sort of thing), but couldn’t stop thinking about him. How much awareness do mice have? At what point did he realize he was going to die? Did he have family waiting for him?

I watched a nature show about rodents, they can tread water for many days before they drown. How sad……… Anyway, this is the result, I tried to get it to hang just above the water line so if anyone falls in, they should be able to pull themselves out.

does anyone else think about these sort of things?