Paradise lost…actually STOLEN

Even though we both thought it was inevitable, it still is a horrible feeling when you realize someone has been in you house and just taken whatever they want.


The bedroom was trashed, beds stolen, all the cupboards and draws dumped on the floor.

The b*&%#$@ even stole my dresser that I spent months painting


They took our brush cutter and wood chipper (the chipper my lovely sister bought me).

I have to admit that even though they are just possessions, I did get a little weepy. Luckily our wonderful neighbors came right over with sympathy and a mini fridge for us to borrow (yes, they took our fridge too). Dennis helped fix the door frame while Cindy and Kailen helped me keep it together.

The police arrived quite quickly and he was very nice and took all our information, though I think we’ll never see our stuff again.  Then it was time to tidy up the mess and dig out the blow up mattress to sleep on.

Sad day for Trenoweth.



One thought on “Paradise lost…actually STOLEN

  1. When you replace any of the machinery paint them pink as the villain(s) probably won’t want to go to all the trouble of repainting them to make them harder to identify… Hope the one who took them rots in the hot place. Love and kisses Dad. xoxoxo


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