Trenoweth Easter Bunnies

There we were, just enjoying the country when, out of the corner of my eye I could see Mandy (our foster dog) trotting along with something in her mouth. Assuming it was something rotten that she was going to roll over on and stink up the house, I dashed over to get it off her. Surprise surprise it was a bunny, alive, with not a mark on her.


I found a bucket to put it in while I decided what to do next, when off she trots with something else in her mouth,bunny number two.


Now we have cell service I was able to look on the internet to find out that rabbits dig a shallow hole in an open area, where predators don’t like to go. They drop them in, cover them with grass and hair, and usually visit in the morning and evenings to feed the babies.

It took a bit of searching, but I found the spot.


We needed to keep the babies safe till their mum could come and get them. Luckily we still had a part of the chicken coop which we were able to roll over and place around the den. Then we put the babies back and left them alone. I hid in the guest bedroom where I had a good view of the cage, and waited for hours. I never did see the mum, but the kids were long gone in the morning.



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