Trashy Lumberjacks

Finally the weather was nice enough to do some work outside.

We loaded up the truck with pieces of the tree that fell down in the last major storm. I bet we’ll have some sore muscles tomorrow.


These are the borders for the future raised beds where we are going to start our future orchard. First will be the two pear trees that we’ve been babying in pots on our patio in Houston.


Stand by for the orchard update.

On a less pleasant note, although we’ve been cleaning for two years, there is still a lot of junk outside. Apparently it is quite common to just make piles of trash and set fire to it. Even though a lot of the contents of said pile are not flammable.

This pile is the biggest, even came with a computer monitor and keyboard and a toilet.



Hopefully most of it can be recycled. It’s a big job, but a little at a time we’ll get it all.

On a stroll to the pond, we did see a USO. Unidentified sunken object. Once the pond warms up we’ll go for a swim and see what it is.


That’s all for now.