How to freeze and thaw a mouse

We have recently been having some uninvited little guests at Trenoweth. The first couple were field mice, so cute. We trapped them in our live trap and took them off a couple of miles so they could find a new home.

This worked well until the weather got cold. Even though the instruction said no bait was needed, I thought it would be just too mean to not even give them a snack for the inconvenience.

It didn’t take long to trap one


It was just too cold and rainy to drive off into the wilderness to re-home her, she needed to stay the night.

I decided to put the trap on a folded rug, with a cloth on the top so she didn’t get scared when we entered the room and put the light on. I thought she’d be quite cozy.


Unfortunately I didn’t think about the fact that the metal gets really cold. In the morning I picked the trap up to take her on her outing and thought she was dead. When I turned the trap on it’s side, she just rolled over. It was then that I noticed how cold the metal was and realized she must have hypothermia.

Time for action….


I tucked her in the towel and held her little body against me. Her breathing was very shallow and slow, but eventually she perked up and started twitching. Poor thing, she was just a baby.


Finally she had her freedom again. She was fairly lethargic, so my idea was to bring her home, get her a cage and wheel and let her be a part of our family. DeAun was not impressed with that idea, so I left her somewhat sheltered by a fence, but in the sunshine.

The other news was that we had our first fire in the bedroom. Wonderful, though a little smoky.


That’s all from the country for now folks. Stay warm.