Death to the chicken coops


So….. while having our morning coffee, this has been one of our views of the “garden”. Not very relaxing to look at and one of the many things on our “to do” list.

Luckily for us our friends Gabby and Quin came for the weekend, and love getting into projects. Soon after the oatmeal fortification, the deconstruction began.

IMG_0588 IMG_0589

All the hard work paid off in multiple buckets of well seasoned chicken poop for the garden and just leaves one old coop frame for our neighbors to pick up. No idea what they’re doing with all this stuff, but very handy for us.


Here’s our early a nice view.

Then, off to the pond.

IMG_0601 IMG_0594

We¬† had what was probably going to be the last swim of the year. The water is lower than we’ve ever seen it, and getting in was a little ungraceful, thanks to the muddy bank where probably deer have been drinking.

Not much exciting news, just our country life plodding along