Is it a bird, is it a plane? NO…….

This is what greeted us

This is what greeted us

It’s the biggest sinkhole We’ve ever seen.

This is what greeted us about 1/3 of the way along the driveway to our house. It is so big that there is only room to walk single file beside it.


Luckily there is also room for a person and wheelbarrow since we had decided to build a fire pit for which we had 12 very heavy cinder blocks and a bag of gravel. We also had two dining chairs and an armchair, I should’ve taken a photo of the armchair on the wheelbarrow, but was a little too stressed to even think of it.
Our very friendly neighbor said he’d come over with his tractor and push some dirt in it……..then he saw it and said it is WAY beyond his capabilities.
They do seem to think there’s slim chance that the county might fix it since they resurfaced the road that runs parallel, but didn’t dig the ditches out. Here’s praying.
We finally got everything up to the house and our friends Gabriella and Quin arrived. Luckily they didn’t have cinder blocks in there car.

Despite the start, we had a wonderful few days, Quin jumped right into knocking the dog house down and Gabriella and I arranged the cinder blocks and chopped wood for the fire.
A wonderful evening was had sitting around the fire, looking at the stars and just enjoying good company.
Saturday we all set to clearing the dam around the pond so we have another path to the house. I think it should work well enough until we get the sink hole fixed. As long as it doesn’t rain so much that the pasture becomes a mud bath.
Sophie and our new foster dog had a blast,
his name is Hart, shortened to Art, then Artie.


They had a good time. “I guess I’ll go for a walk, then find something to pee on, then a nap. Wake up, stretch, go for a walk, find something to pee on etc. ect. ” It’s a dogs life.


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