Just how deep does plumbing need to be anyway?

“One of the outside faucets is leaking” she says. “I’ll put a new one on there” she says. Of course, nothing is ever that easy. The faucet would not come loose from the pipe into the ground. Next plan, dig down to where the vertical pipe meets the pipe from the well house and change it out at the connection. So, DeAun started digging…and digging….and digging. Then when she’s too tired to dig any more, I started.

We did finally reach the other pipe, but it must have been four feet down. I guess they really wanted to make sure it doesn’t freeze in the winter.

On a prettier note, here’s Sophie, she loves to sit on the top step and survey her domain. She’s really looking for rabbits to chase, but thanks to the early warning system (otherwise know as two big bells attached to her collar) she hasn’t caught any yet.

We now have a fridge, just a compact one, large enough to hold a weekends food and make some ice cubes. It was wonderful not having to dig around in ice cold water looking for the cheese.

The final shot, our living room/ bedroom is looking good. Hopefully by the end of the next visit, I will have scrubbed the real bedroom with enough bleach that I’ll be able to prime and even paint the floor 🙂


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