Mud wrestling with trucks

Luckily our wonderful neighbors had warned us to be prepared, but my heart still dropped. The hunters lease finally ran out and it was time for them to remove all their stuff. They had three blinds (basically a shed up on scaffolding in which they hide to blow away Bambi), one of which was extremely heavy. What does one of them do when he realized the ground was wet……stop and reschedule. NO, he went ahead with his big pick up truck. Got stuck, had our neighbor come over with his tractor to pull him out…….he got stuck. Enter, some other neighbor with a tractor. Finally they got their stuff, but boy did they leave their mark.Image



After. And not even a phone call to tell us. Hopefully we can get it fixed. Our sweet neighbors Cindy and Dennis said, not only can they fix it, they will also hang our new 10 foot double gates.

We did some gardening, (planted some rhubarb) and did some priming of the walls and baseboards in the breakfast room. The room looks so much brighter now the walls are half white instead of nicotine yellow.

Next visit will be to show my sister and brother-in-law around. Quite exciting to have actual visitors, my other sisters have not shown any interest in visiting since they saw the blog photos. Oh well, the ‘after’ photos will be all the more amazing.


Vick’s vapor rub was insufficient

Well I lasted about 3 minutes unloading the chest freezer that had been without power for who knows how long. Luckily the wound care nurse has a stronger belly for nasty smells and sights. I was dry heaving and sent away to do something else while Sally unloaded the maggot covered contents.The dreaded freezer_1318IMG_1320