Our first visitors

My great friends Linda and Lyn were the first Trenoweth visitors. It was so cool to show it off, especially since quite a few people have told me We’re crazy and should just bulldoze the house and build another one. Apparently the wooden cabinets and wall panels are very well made and worth “thousands.”

Lyn is a country girl and has already proved to be a wealth of information. Apparently we have two trees that are probably pear or peach, a section of plumb trees and a crape mertle tree by the house that Lyn thinks may be 80 to 100 years old.Plumb treescrepe myrtle

We are going to have to do a little work on the driveway though.


It has been raining a lot in Crockett Texas, also it’s been freezing. When we went up to get the house ready for a freeze, we forgot to empty the taps on the patio where they used to have a washer and dryer. Luckily the neighbors were over visiting when I realized water was spurting out of the pipe and they helped us fix it. They seem very sweet and are thrilled that the trashy people that used to call the police saying they were breeding coral snakes to let loose on their land, dump their trash on their land and pull guns on them have moved.

Talking of guns, we have discussed learning how to shoot so we can have a gun for protection, Linda said they had some guns we could try out. Pretty exiting since I have never fired one.



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