“But I don’t want to be back in reality”

The scrubs are clean, the coffee is made, I’d still rather be in Trenoweth. Drilling holes in tires so the water can drain out, next time we visit with the truck we can drop them off at the dump. Why is it that practically every piece of land you go to has a collection of old tires, otherwise known as mosquito nurseries? When we stayed at a farmhouse in Scotland, in the middle of nowhere, they had a tire collection. Are they lazy (hard to think of a farmer being lazy) or do they think that they will suddenly get an inspired idea about something useful they can do with them.

IMG_1213We haul off 4-5 bags of trash and recycle, each time we leave, not too long and it will look pleasant when you pull in the drive way. Especially once the ground dries up and we’re not sinking into the mud all the time. Think this situation might call for wellies?

The biggest project of the weekend was our new doors. The interior doors that were being used as exterior doors, one just screwed in place, the other locked with a padlock and clasp. It somewhat looks like a real house instead of an abandoned ruin. One thing the door installers discovered is that under the tacky interior fake wood paneling which was nailed to the front of the house. Real tongue in groove wood siding. Who would nail and paint cheap crap on the house instead of sanding and painting?


It won’t be long before I’m not going to be able to resist pulling that crappy board off the house. So many things to do, so little time. We’ve decided it should be a couple of weeks before we go up again. Too many chores at home and school starts tomorrow.


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