First weekend

Our first weekend was an experience. Somehow I think we’ll be staying in motels for a while. I was in the bedroom scrubbing the floor in a vain attempt to get the overwhelming smell out. Every now and then I needed to use a paint scraper to get ‘stuff’ off the floor. Then came the “ah haa” moment I could’ve lived without……realizing the ‘stuff’ was in fact petrified dog poop :-0

An example of how lovely the kitchen cabinets are.


  • Below is our barn. There is another one in better shape, but it’s not quite so dramatic. I wonder what treasures are hidden inside?
  • Image

This is the bedroom floor, I can’t believe people were living in here just three weeks ago.

ImageDeAun making steps so we don’t have to risk life and limb to get into the house.

  • Image
  • ImageThis is our pond, no longer crystal clear, but about three times larger than it was. If it was warmer weather I’d be in there.

3 thoughts on “First weekend

  1. You have both worked so hard, but I can see it will be worth it.
    I don’t fancy a working holiday there yet, but look forward to seeing it in the future.
    It really will be a wonderful escape as the year goes on and you will make more & more discoveries, how exciting.

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