The front room light switch

The front room light switch

After :-))

After :-))

Despite the overwhelming task at hand, sometimes you have to get your satisfaction from the little things.

Our temporary bedroom

Our temporary bedroom

We scrubbed the floor three times, enough to be willing to put our camping bed up to sleep. The only problem being that if you look where the wall meets the floor, you can see the ground and leaves under the house. About half an inch wide, just enough for a FREEZING breeze to swoop up and around, and envelope us in bed. Maybe next time we’ll clean up the dining room and sleep in there. No huge gaps for the wind. Thank goodness we had central heating, although it had a major struggle battling all the outside air coming in.

Poor little Sophie had to be wrapped in two blankets to be able to handle it.


“Can you smell that smell?”

I didn't plan on pulling up the floor, it just happened.

I didn’t plan on pulling up the floor, it just happened.

The day after Christmas we dashed off to the country. When we walked into the house the smell was disgusting…….that was an improvement on the “absolutely disgusting” smell that nearly knocked us off our feet last visit. The hallway floor must have been made from odds and ends, it was row after row of pieces about two feet wide. Consequently there were a lot of joins, each one a vessel to soak up the urine of the dogs they were breeding. I had not planned on pulling the floor up just yet, but one minute I was cleaning a cupboard, the next I was sitting on the floor using the petrified poop scraper (originally  a paint scraper) and a hammer to chip the floor tiles and scrape up the still mushy backing.


First weekend

Our first weekend was an experience. Somehow I think we’ll be staying in motels for a while. I was in the bedroom scrubbing the floor in a vain attempt to get the overwhelming smell out. Every now and then I needed to use a paint scraper to get ‘stuff’ off the floor. Then came the “ah haa” moment I could’ve lived without……realizing the ‘stuff’ was in fact petrified dog poop :-0

An example of how lovely the kitchen cabinets are.


  • Below is our barn. There is another one in better shape, but it’s not quite so dramatic. I wonder what treasures are hidden inside?
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This is the bedroom floor, I can’t believe people were living in here just three weeks ago.

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