These little piggies (not quite)

So here is some evidence of the critters around our land. “ Oh how cute” we thought, “seeing evidence of the residents who are around when we are not is so cool” until………This used to be a lovely flat field area, now you have to watch your step. Some of the holes they dig can break an ankle if you step in them. I hate to admit it, but we asked our neighbors to ” help get rid of them”. Dennis put a couple of traps up and caught a massive hog which someone picked up. He won’t mind when he finds out he now has a job as a stud. Despite lots of research, we’ve not found any way to deter them. This was actually a few months ago and we don’t think they’ve been back. DeAun has been having a great time pruning out crepe myrtle. We are hoping that once it is cut back,it will have the energy to start flowering again.Just in case anyone is wondering, I wasn’t just the photographer, I was excavating metal abstract art from the ground.wonder what it was? That’s all for now folks.

East Texas Syle Chocolate Syrup

IMG_4800.JPGOur beautiful pond now looks like this. All the run off from the land and road, rushing in and stirring up the bed. Who’d have thought you could swim and see the bottom yesterday.

IMG_4796.JPGStill, we did get to enjoy some lovey flowers, and then spend the evening listening to a very powerful storm. Poor Sophie needed lots of mummy cuddles when the thunder was Just hanging out. Good few days.

Raindrops are falling on my head (or they would have if we’d been under the house).


So……I don’t think we are ever going to not empty the pipes in the winter because it’s “not supposed to freeze,”  and if there is ever an unexpected freeze not in the winter, we shall call the neighbors and beg them to empty our pipes.

At least now we know (or suspect) that we are capable of fixing leaks.

I did take time to enjoy some of natures art


And DeAun’s butt


Of course this one was taken last visit BEFORE we noticed the poison ivy growing under the house.

Now, my butt is the only one going under there since I’m either blessed or cursed with not reacting to the chemical in poison ivy.

It’s an interesting maze of pipes under here.


What should’ve been our moment of glory, we realized that on the LAST elbow we didn’t wait long enough for it to cure properly before we turned the water back on.  We were just too tired to do any more. Let’s try next weekend……..

We have honey!

Finally we have got two hives who seem to be surviving. We did a quick spring inspection and it seems we’ve no been good bee parents.

This is what we found


This is what we were looking for


One of the reasons hives need fairly regular inspections is to make sure they build their comb on the bars. This means you can lift each one up and inspect it for brood (growing babies), nectar, pollen and many other things I won’t bore you all with.

We found that one of our hives was almost full, so we pulled a few bars, broke them up


and strained them




Our first harvest. Pretty cool.


Concrete and Dirt

It seems like forever since we’ve been here, what with having to work two weekends in a row and an outing with my sisters, it’s been about a month.

Time to start on the bathroom. The Formica was loose (and ugly), so I decided to try my hand at DIY. Of course that took LOTS of research since we needed something we could do and are concentrating on using eco friendly products only. Boy that was a tall order. Finally I settled on a faux stone using cement. Basically coating on multiple thin layers, sanding between each.

Next visit it will be time to seal it and see if it can really hold up to use. I love the industrial look, but now have to figure out how to paint the rest of it. If it still looks good after six months and if it still looks good, off to the kitchen with the cement box.

Our first attempt at growing blackberries here failed due to location. They really need full sun, so while chopping up a fallen tree behind the house, I decided it would be a great place to plant some.


A few limbs dragged over to create a bed for them, the other limbs we dragged to the side of the house to raise the raised bed even higher to plant our pair trees. Then  we added a truck load of earth, boy our muscles are sore now.

Blackberries are rather like weeds and will quickly overtake if not maintained. Hopefully I can somehow train them to grow in a row, better for picking.

Meanwhile DeAun drove into town for a truckload of earth. More chopped limbs were used to border the future pear tree beds then off to work we went. I must say, we’re both rather sore after all that.

The Space Formerly Known as Door

So, we had our summer holiday on the country estate, it was so nice to actually have the time to start and finish something.


Apparently the last owner didn’t want to walk all the way from the bedroom to the porch to get wood for the stove, so he put in a door. The problems with this idea were, it as an interior hollow door which did not seal well and had bathroom door latches on the inside to lock it.


A trip to the hardware store and we were off. DeAun is such a perfectionist, that section of the house is probably sturdier than everything else.


Not bad for a couple of weekend warriors.

While DeAun was busy measuring twice and cutting once, I got busy painting the bedroom. It really needed to be done to reclaim our space after the robbery.

This is the bedroom when we bought the property


And now. I must say I’m very pleased with the way it turned.

Once my quilt is finished I need to come up with a quilted wall hanging to cover the electrical box by the window.


All in all, a pretty great holiday. That’s all for now.

Bridge over troubled water Trenoweth style

Well, now we have most of our stuff back thanks to the wonderful Crockett sheriffs department we’re getting back into a routine.


Unfortunately we had another nasty surprise this visit.

When we leave we turn off all the power except for the dehumidifier. It works well, but not all the way to the bathroom so we started leaving the seat up to stop mildew from forming. There in the bowl was a dead mouse, I assume he fell in and couldn’t get out again. I fished him out (DeAun being far to sensitive for that sort of thing), but couldn’t stop thinking about him. How much awareness do mice have? At what point did he realize he was going to die? Did he have family waiting for him?

I watched a nature show about rodents, they can tread water for many days before they drown. How sad……… Anyway, this is the result, I tried to get it to hang just above the water line so if anyone falls in, they should be able to pull themselves out.

does anyone else think about these sort of things?

Paradise lost…actually STOLEN

Even though we both thought it was inevitable, it still is a horrible feeling when you realize someone has been in you house and just taken whatever they want.


The bedroom was trashed, beds stolen, all the cupboards and draws dumped on the floor.

The b*&%#$@ even stole my dresser that I spent months painting


They took our brush cutter and wood chipper (the chipper my lovely sister bought me).

I have to admit that even though they are just possessions, I did get a little weepy. Luckily our wonderful neighbors came right over with sympathy and a mini fridge for us to borrow (yes, they took our fridge too). Dennis helped fix the door frame while Cindy and Kailen helped me keep it together.

The police arrived quite quickly and he was very nice and took all our information, though I think we’ll never see our stuff again.  Then it was time to tidy up the mess and dig out the blow up mattress to sleep on.

Sad day for Trenoweth.


Trenoweth Easter Bunnies

There we were, just enjoying the country when, out of the corner of my eye I could see Mandy (our foster dog) trotting along with something in her mouth. Assuming it was something rotten that she was going to roll over on and stink up the house, I dashed over to get it off her. Surprise surprise it was a bunny, alive, with not a mark on her.


I found a bucket to put it in while I decided what to do next, when off she trots with something else in her mouth,bunny number two.


Now we have cell service I was able to look on the internet to find out that rabbits dig a shallow hole in an open area, where predators don’t like to go. They drop them in, cover them with grass and hair, and usually visit in the morning and evenings to feed the babies.

It took a bit of searching, but I found the spot.


We needed to keep the babies safe till their mum could come and get them. Luckily we still had a part of the chicken coop which we were able to roll over and place around the den. Then we put the babies back and left them alone. I hid in the guest bedroom where I had a good view of the cage, and waited for hours. I never did see the mum, but the kids were long gone in the morning.


Trashy Lumberjacks

Finally the weather was nice enough to do some work outside.

We loaded up the truck with pieces of the tree that fell down in the last major storm. I bet we’ll have some sore muscles tomorrow.


These are the borders for the future raised beds where we are going to start our future orchard. First will be the two pear trees that we’ve been babying in pots on our patio in Houston.


Stand by for the orchard update.

On a less pleasant note, although we’ve been cleaning for two years, there is still a lot of junk outside. Apparently it is quite common to just make piles of trash and set fire to it. Even though a lot of the contents of said pile are not flammable.

This pile is the biggest, even came with a computer monitor and keyboard and a toilet.



Hopefully most of it can be recycled. It’s a big job, but a little at a time we’ll get it all.

On a stroll to the pond, we did see a USO. Unidentified sunken object. Once the pond warms up we’ll go for a swim and see what it is.


That’s all for now.